Best stay ever! Our hosts were so lovely and friendly, took care of us all the time. We didn’t miss anything. The accommodation is beautiful, the English classes are very professional and very intensive because after the English class in the morning you have to continue speaking English all day long. You’re accompanied all the time by English speakers, even during the golf. I enjoyed this stay very much. Ten points out of ten.
Cristina Popescu, Hamburg, Germany
My stay in Tralee with PGLEK was great: lovely hosts, beautiful accommodation, very intensive and individual English training, perfect golf, perfect weather… Highly recommended for students and everyone who wants to improve his English in a beautiful atmosphere and loves to play golf in the afternoons.
Bernd Kohler, Hamburg, Germany
It was a perfect week in Tralee. I felt like at home. The English classes were very professional and intensive. Together with another student we got individual classes from a certified teacher who taught us according to our levels, which were very different. The English classes didn’t finish after the “real classes” because we had to speak English all the time, with our hosts, on the golf courses… Unfortunately I couldn’t stay longer, but this one week improved my knowledge a lot. I highly recommend it!
Cristina Kohler, Germany
My English was not so good when I arrived in Ireland. I learned a lot of new words and when I return to school, I’ll have very good results in English. My golf improved a lot and the courses in Kerry were fantastic. I mostly liked Tralee golf course. With my teacher I had to speak English all the time, not only during the English classes. I enjoyed my stay and I hope I don’t forget what I learned. I want to thank my hosts for their patience and kindness.
Bernd, Germany

We stayed with Paul’s family for one week in Tralee. We played golf every day on lovely golf courses and we had great fun! We learned so much English because we were speaking English all day long. We also loved all the evening activities we did. It was a great holiday and we will be coming back next year.
Carlos and Alvaro, Alicante

I learned so much English but my golf was not so good! I lost a lot of golf balls but I really enjoyed it! I stayed with an Irish family and the hospitality was great! I spoke English all day long and had so much exercise. My English really improved. It was a great holiday.
Alain, Paris

We played 5 rounds of golf on very good golf courses. After lunch in the clubhouse, we did activities every day! My favourite activity was to visit Torc waterfall and Muckross house in Killarney. I also loved the trip to Dingle to visit Fungi the Dolphin! It was a really good holiday and I learned so much English.
Robert, Frankfurt